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By chance or fate, you've landed on our page, and we are so glad you did.

We are Molly & Joshua.

If we aren't behind our cameras at a wedding, we are usually planning an adventure together.

One of our missions in life is to grow and learn about the world as we travel, meet new people and explore different cultures.

As photographers and videographers, we enjoy using our creative outlets to capture these experiences so we can bring them home to share with others.

We both have an eagerness to make the lives of everyone we meet just a little bit better in one way or another. Some people ask us how it is we can live, eat, work, travel and exercise together without "getting sick of each other".
For 9 years, it's  no secret... we just respect each other and openly communicate with one another. We wish the same for all of our couples/clients as they take a step together into marriage.

We sure hope you're looking for a duo who wants to go above & beyond for your wedding day. We are going to walk you through the process, genuinely care about you and become your BFF (don't worry, we won't make bracelets), we'll create a day that works around your personalities and style.

If you're ready to meet us, send us a message on our CONTACT page!

passionate about animals

loves laughing

quite the creative spirit

enjoys being with people

always gives 110%

Abilene Christian University
B.S. in Journalism

passionate about music

loves NPR

quite the bookworm

enjoys a quiet night in

always learning new things

Musicians Institute

in Los Angeles

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