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10 Tips on What to Wear for Family Photos

People ask me all the time what they should wear for their family photo sessions with me.

There's no right or wrong answer... as I do believe it has to do a lot with your personality and style.

family photo shoot outfit

But for those who appreciate some guidance and don't mind me telling them what typically looks better/worse, here's some ideas: 1. Wear a variety of warm tones - not just one color for everyone. I love the photo below where everyone has different blends of colors/tones.

2. I encourage this color scheme: Burgundy, Navy Blue, Yellow, Cremes, Light Browns

3. Layer up! a. Decide if you're going to wear jeans, leggings or khakis. b. Then choose a top. c. Wear a sweater, vest or jacket over the top. d. Add a scarf or hat. e. For the kids, don't forget hair bows/headbands.

f. Ladies, boots are always a great idea, but if you do any other type of shoe, be sure to pair it with capris or something where you can see the shoes. Adds a little flair to the photos.

4. Wear your hair down for photos.

5. Try to put boots or nice shoes on any young boys instead of tennis shoes.

6. Add jewelry - not too much - but at least earrings / bracelet / necklace to add some design to any close up shots or detail shots.

A few other tips to help your session go smooth: 1. Let the kids be kids. Don't yell at them to stand up straight or stop running around. The photographer is going to capture photos of them being themselves... sometimes it's those crazy ones you least expect to turn out that end up being your favorite.

2. Imperfection is perfection. You don't always need every photo posey-posey. Let little Sam look away or cry - it's just a stage of his life and there are tricks your photographer should know to help relax him or do a pose where his face isn't the feature.

3. Arrive dressed and ready to go - do everyone's hair and makeup before you get to the shooting location.

4. If you have an outfit change, be sure to ask the photographer ahead of time if there will be a changing room or if you'll need to prepare yourself to change in the back of your car.

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family photo shoot outfit

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