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The Plucknetts - Cousins Session

I was jumping for joy the moment Erica contacted me to see if I could do a fun 'cousins' shoot for her kiddos and their cousins... I'm even more ecstatic now that I just finished looking through the silliness and giggles that were shared today. You'll see half way through, we broke out the donuts! Someone above was super sneaky and might have enjoyed 3-4 more treats than everyone else. Made my day! :) There's a lot of energy going on in the photos below - I'm happy we caught these kiddos in their element, being free to run around and be their goofy selves. Erica & Justin weren't planning to be in the photos - but I couldn't resist having them join in the last few - and now I can't wait to do a full family session with them and their minions!

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